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Attention! Take part in the Forum64 & Protovision Game Competition 2017 NOW and win up to 1000€!
The registration period of the Forum64 & Protovision Game Competition 2017 ends 2017, October 31st.


We develop and sell NEW games, hardware and other stuff for the good old Commodore C64.

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Galencia Cassette Version Online Poll
Written by JTR

As some people voiced the need for buying Galencia on Cassette, we are considering releasing Galencia not only on disk and cartridge, but also on tape.

If you want a cassette version of Galencia, let us know via our poll!





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Limited amount of disc cutters & C65 power supplies
Written by JTR

We got hold of a bunch of new disk cutters.
These are even harder to come by than disks themselves.





Also very rare are power supplies for the legendary C65! As they can also be used with 1541 II, 1581 or Oceanic Drives, we offer them to you as well.

We also restocked on cartridge cases and have floppy reset buttons now.





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4 Player Interface available again
Written by JTR

Finally: The popular 4 Player Interface is available again!

In a couple of weeks we will also be able to offer 3D printed cases for it, they are currently in production.



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Announcement: Protovision to publish Galencia
Written by JTR

A new and brilliant Galaga inspired shooting game called Galencia is hitting your screens!

Protovision will release Galencia boxed on disk and cartridge soon.

A digital version of the game is already available at

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More special game offers
Written by JTR

The boxed editions of Jim Slim, Tanks 3000 and Advanced Space Battle are sold out.

But we still have a limited stock of Jim Slim and Tanks 3000 without box and a few extra manuals for Advanced Space Battle that we have put into our Games: Offers category.



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More new empty disks – now with WARRANTY!
Written by JTR

How do you buy C64 disks in this time and age? With warranty, of course!

While our new unused disks in practical plastic boxes (that we introduced a couple of weeks ago) are great, they are also very heavy in the robust plastic box. Not good for international orders or high volume orders.

Therefore we now also have brand new disks with the plastic boxes optional.
The disks are from the high quality manufacturer KAO and are all still factory sealed.

At their time, KAO was so confident in their quality that they gave a full replacement warranty for the disks.

Well, that is exactly what we offer you now as well.
Any disks that are not 100% working will be replaced by Protovision at no additional cost (only shipping if you do not order anything else)!

The same goes for the boeder disks, even for those who have ordered before we introduced this warranty!


We also have 3,5″ disks for CMD FD users now.
Visit the Misc section of our shop.


Written by JTR

Our musics veteran SIDWAVE has released an ambitions music demo celebrating his 30 years of making music on the Commodore 64 called J(46) – SIDWAVE 30 Years Anniversary Music Disk.

Enjoy great design and great, long, musics.


Sam’s Journey Production Update
Written by JTR

We are thrilled now that we have received the first load of Sam boxes fresh from the factory!

The boxes turned out even better than we hoped. The surface is quite durable
and relatively water resistent. The boxes are robust… and finally they are real
cardboard boxes like we always wanted them to be! Like in the 80s, only cooler!

The boxes (and a lot of other things in the final distribution of Sam) are hand made.
They are also not ready as such, because we don’t want any cartridges or disks to
fly around in the box. Therefore, we put so-called inlays into these boxes that hold
what’s inside. The design of the inlays (they need custom made implements to
make them fit) is ready and along with the boxes we have also received the
first couple of hundred inlays.

And that means the next step in the production is beginning for us now:
we have to glue the inlays into the boxes! We were testing out numerous
glues until we found one that suits Sam, however we are good to go now!

In the end, every piece of Sam’s Journey will be a unique labour of love.

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Forum64 & Protovision Game Competition 2017
Written by JTR

The Forum64 Game Competition has been very successful and a lot of fun in the past years.

It now has a new name: Forum64 & Protovision Game Competition or F64PGC 2017 for short!

The compo is still organized by same guy as before, namely TheRealWanderer (welcome our newest member!) and the rules are almost unchanged, but now you can also sign up at the Protovision homepage. A Forum64 account is not required, making it easier for participants around the world to take part in the compo!

Everyone who hands in a game will receive a Protovision 5 Euros voucher for downloads and has a chance for a bigger monetary price. In addition, the winner receives his own game in a fully printed cardboard box. All games handed in will be available for free on our website. We might want to develop some of the games further and make them a physical release later on.

This year’s competition is all about SPORTS GAMES.

The compo starts NOW (1st of July) and runs until end of April 2018.

Signing up is open until end of October.

If you cannot enter the compo with a game entry but want to support it, there is a donation button on the compo page.

All money collected will be passed on to the participants!

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New game in development: Wormhole
Written by JTR

Another game to be released soon by Protovision is Wormhole from TRS!

You’re an agent on a super secret, super dangerous and world-depending-on-it-important mission.

You have to shoot and run your way through the 3 game worlds and rescue the professor, the only person in the multiverse who can save the earth.

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